California Supreme Court Rules Employers Must Provide Employees Access To Seating

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On April 4th, 2016, the California Supreme Court ruled that access to seating be required for an employee if the nature of the work allows for it and the work CAN be performed while sitting.  It requires that the decision about whether to make seating available or not be based on an analysis of individual job tasks rather than the job as a whole or specific employees.  So if the employee is performing different tasks during different parts of the day, per this ruling, some of his/her workday may require access to seating. 

For all California based businesses, this presents a new urgent need for functional job and task analysis to determine which parts of employees’ jobs will require access to seating.

Briotix can help.  Our functional job analysis and functional job description services for your California locations includes an assessment of the tasks of each job and recommendations related to seating that help ensure compliance.

Please fill out our request form or call us at (805) 864-2711 and one of our California Job Analysis Specialists can help you determine what you need to prevent a possible violation.


Read more about this ruling here.

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